Washington Commanders sale reportedly only has 1 ‘serious contender’

It looks like despite several bids to purchase the Washington Commanders, a new report claims that there is only one so far that has a “serious” chance of actually passing the NFL’s vetting process.

Since late last year, the Washington Commanders have been going through the process to bring Daniel Snyder’s tumultuous run as their majority owner to an end. Yet, despite the huge value and interest in owning an NFL team, the process for this sale has gone very slowly.

Reports claimed in December that several bids were put forth to buy the franchise, however, they clearly did not impress Snyder with little progress on a sale being made as we close in on April.

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In recent weeks, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been seen as a strong candidate to buy the team since he has the means to easily do so. However, Snyder is no fan of Bezos due to his connections as the owner of the Washington Post, and the current Commanders’ boss reportedly prefers he not get involved in the bidding war.

Well, it seems that likely worked because a new story claims that there is only one bid so far that actually has a real chance to win the Washington Commanders sale sweepstakes, and it isn’t from Bezos, one of the richest men on Earth.

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Washington Commanders record (2022): 8-8-1, last place in NFC East

On Tuesday night, Front Office Sports claimed that the recent bid put in from the group led by Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils boss Josh Harris is the “only” interested parted with a serious chance to land the team.

“Harris’ bid of nearly $6 billion is the only offer made so far that is backed with the financial resources needed to get through the NFL’s vetting process. … ‘Harris is the only bidder with a chance,’ a source said.”

– Front Office Sports

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The Josh Harris group reportedly put in a recent bid for $6 billion, which would be well above the record amount paid to purchase the Denver Broncos last year.

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