Ron Rivera provides update on Washington Commanders’ Brian Robinson after being shot in attempted carjacking

Just after they had wrapped up their preseason finale, the Washington Commanders received some grim news on Sunday night. Their rookie running back Brian Robinson, who may have been slated for a starting role, was shot during an attempted carjacking. Robinson was shot multiple times as the attackers tried to steal his Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, a very powerful car that certainly attracts attention.

Thankfully Robinson’s injuries were considered non-life threatening and he’s already on the road to recovery after surgery. Robinson was shot once in the glute, and once more in his lower leg.

On Monday, head coach Ron Rivera provided an update on how the 23-year-old is doing after the attempted robbery.

Rivera stated that Robinson is in “a really good place” after the fiasco. He also noted that Robinson’s doing so well, that he could be released from the hospital as soon as today.

While he may be able to leave the hospital shortly, Robinson will likely still need some time before returning to the practice field. Just how long that recovery process might take is unknown. While the Commanders are just happy Robinson is ok, they surely hope to get their running back to return to the lineup as soon as possible.

What type of role he’ll have, or how soon he can resume the progress he’s made this summer remains to be seen.

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Antonio Gibson likely to return to starting running back role

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A week ago, Antonio Gibson appeared to be a strong trade candidate. His grip on the starting role he’s assumed each of the past two seasons had been slipping, with Robinson looking like the starter. Obviously Robinson’s recent setback impacts this situation heavily.

Now Robinson will likely need at least a week or two before he can return to practice. We just don’t know what to expect in such a strange scenario as this. It likely makes their pending cutdown decisions even more difficult for Commanders general manager Martin Mayhew.

For now, Gibson will likely hold down the starting role, and maybe that was the plan all along. How long he maintains the top position on the depth chart will be up to him. If Gibson’s fumbling issues creep up again, the leash may be a short one.

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