Longest winning streak in MLB: History of the longest MLB winning streaks ever

What is the longest winning streak in MLB history? Momentum matters in baseball and when a club is riding a wave of confidence, it can seem unstoppable. One win turns into two and then four and the next thing you know fans are wondering if their team is approaching one of the longest MLB winning streaks ever.

The Oakland Athletics and film Moneyball are partially responsible for the added focus on winning streaks. Oakland entered Aug. 13, 2002, with a 68-51 record, placing them third in the AL West and sixth in the American League. The Athletics then went on a 20-game winning streak, ending on Sep. 6 with an 88-51 record, tied with the New York Yankees atop the AL standings.

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While that’s the most well-known of the longest MLB winning streaks ever, it’s not the record. For that, we’re diving into the archives with a look at the longest winning streaks in the modern era of MLB history.

What is the longest winning streak in MLB history?

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals
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The 1916 New York Giants have the longest winning streak in MLB history, winning 26 consecutive games. After winning 17 consecutive games earlier in the season (May 9 – May 29), the Giants never lost a game from Sep. 7 through Sep. 30 in 2016. However, it’s worth noting that New York didn’t actually win every game. Just 12 games into their official winnings streak, the Giants tied the Pittsburgh Pirates 1-1 on Sep. 18, 1916 and then they won their next 14 consecutive games.

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The longest consecutive MLB winning streak without a tie belongs to the 2017 Cleveland Guardians, who won 22 consecutive games from Aug. 24 through Sep. 14, with the win streak ending on Friday, Sep. 15 in a 4-3 defeat to the Kansas City Royals.

Longest MLB winning streaks ever

  1. New York Giants (1916)26 games
  2. Cleveland Guardians (2017) – 22 games
  3. Chicago Cubs (1935)21 games
  4. Oakland Athletics (2002)20 games
  5. New York Yankees (1947)19 games
  6. Chicago White Sox (1906)19 games

Four teams in MLB history have won 20 games in a row, although the 1916 Giants did have one tie in-between double-digit win streaks. One fascinating thing about the teams with the longest winning streaks in MLB history is that none of them won the World Series.

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New York Giants – 26-game winning streak (1916)

While the New York Giants recorded three double-digit winning streaks during the 1916 season, things didn’t end how they hoped. New York finished fourth (86-66) in the National League at the end of the 1916 season, not even making it as runners-up in the NL field.

Cleveland Guardians – 22-game winning streak (2017)

MLB: Cleveland Guardians at Seattle Mariners
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The Cleveland Guardians won 22 consecutive games in 2017, finishing second in the MLB standings with a 102-60 record. However, everything fell apart for Cleveland in October. The Guardians lost in the ALDS to the New York Yankees, dropping the series in five games.

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Chicago Cubs – 21-game winning streak (1935)

The Chicago Cubs are the only team in MLB history to win 20 consecutive games and reach the World Series. The ’35 Cubs, led by Billy Herman and Gabby Hartnett, were the only team in MLB to win 100 games. However, they lost to the Detroit Tigers in the 1935 World Series with the defeat coming in six games.

Oakland Athletics – 20-game winning streak (2002)

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Oakland Athletics
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As captured in Moneyball, albeit without showcasing stars Barry Zito, Tim Hudson, Miguel Tejada, Eric Chavez and Mark Mulder – the 2002 Oakland Athletics won 20 consecutive games during the regular season. While the Athletics won the AL West with a 103-59 record, they were immediately knocked out of the playoffs losing the ALDS in five games to the Minnesota Twins.

What is the longest winning streak to start a season?

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays
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The 2023 Tampa Bay Rays tied the record for the longest MLB winning streak to open a season. Led by Wander Franco and Randy Arozarena, the Rays entered April 14 with 13 consecutive wins, tying the 1982 Atlanta Braves and 1987 Milwaukee Brewers for the longest winning streak to open an MLB season. Tampa Bay can break the record by beating the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday.

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Longest winning streaks to start MLB season

Here are the longest MLB winning streaks to start a season in the history of baseball.

  1. Tampa Bay Rays (2023) – 13 games
  2. Atlanta Braves (1982)13 games
  3. Milwaukee Brewers (1987)13 games
  4. Oakland Athletics (1981) 11 games
  5. Brooklyn Dodgers (1955)10 games
  6. Pittsburgh Pirates (1962)10 games
  7. Cleveland Indians (1966)10 games

The history of the longest winning streaks to open an MLB season is particularly facing. Of the clubs that won at least 10 consecutive games from Opening Day and beyond, three didn’t even make the playoffs. The ’66 Indiana finished with an 81-81 record, while the ’87 Brewers (91-71) and ’62 Pirates (93-68) also missed the playoffs. Only one team (’55 Dodgers) won the World Series after winning double-digit games to open the season.

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