How a Malcolm Brogdon trade to the Washington Wizards could work

The Washington Wizards were searching for a point guard prior to the 2022 NBA Draft, and while they did select Johnny Davis out of Wisconsin with the 10th pick, he’s more of a two-guard, like Bradley Beal. However, the team has also been linked to a Malcolm Brogdon trade.

With the Indiana Pacers trading for Tyrese Haliburton last season, their need for Brogdon isn’t as strong. According to Marc Stein, a Brogdon trade is expected sooner than later.

So, if the Wizards are still planning to add a starting point guard, since they’ve been linked to Brogdon, here’s how a trade agreement could look.

Assessing Malcolm Brogdon’s fit with the Wizards

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First off, if the Wizards want a starting point guard, Malcolm Brogdon would be far from my first choice. In my opinion, they should be seeking a lead guard who’s primary objective is to distribute first and shoot second.

To me, Brogdon is more of a two-guard who is capable of playing point. Isn’t that kind of what they already have with Bradley Beal? Do they really want two players with similar skill sets?

On one hand, having two players who can score from anywhere and create their own shot is a plus, but on the other, having defined roles goes a long way too.

With that said, Brogdon is a fine player and definitely starting caliber. He’d immediately be the best option on the Wizards, but is a player whose 7.1 assists per game is a career-best? That’s a bit on the low side for me.

Brogdon is a smart player who has shown the ability to be an extremely efficient player from an offensive standpoint, peaking with a .575 effective field goal percentage in 2018 with the Milwaukee Bucks, so he can obviously improve the team’s 22nd-ranked scoring offense from 2021.

It’s understandable for the Wizards to target Brogdon, since A – he’s available, and B – the acquisition cost won’t be sky-high like it is for Dejounte Murray. Landing Brogdon would immediately help the team without setting them back for the future, he could be the perfect trade target this offseason for that reason, even if he’s not an ideal fit in the backcourt.

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How the Malcolm Brogdon Wizards trade may look

  • Pacers get: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Deni Avdija, 2024 first-round pick
  • Wizards get: Malcolm Brogdon

As mentioned, Brogdon won’t break the bank if he is traded. He’ll be 30 years old next season, earning $22.6 million in the final year of his deal in 2022. It’s a fair price to pay for his effort.

Brogdon could likely receive a similar deal if he were to hit free agency right now, but that would leave him available to the highest bidder, which the Wizards may not be able to compete with. That’s why trading for him now, before he becomes a free agent, could make negotiations much easier.

Worst case scenario, if the Wizards once again don’t like their early-season results, trading Brogdon ahead of the trade deadline shouldn’t be difficult on an expiring contract.

The Pacers already have their point guard, who knows what’s happening with Myles Turner, it’s possible the team would be intrigued by the 3-and-D ability of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope while taking a chance on Deni Avdija realizing his potential as he enters his third season since being selected ninth overall in 2020. The future first-round pick is a sweetener, that could include pick protections, depending on negotiations.

As is, Brogdon doesn’t have a starting role in Indiana, but he’d immediately become a starter in Washington, which is better for his chances to receive a bigger payday next summer.

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