Charles Barkley chimes in on Carson Wentz, says the QB must look within to improve

I bet you were sitting at work, or at home today saying to yourself, ‘I wonder what Charles Barkley thinks about Carson Wentz?’ Have no fear fellow football enthusiast. We’ve got you covered.

We know why you’re still here. You want to know what other wisdom the ‘Round Mound of Rebound’ can share with the world.

This time the Hall of Fame basketball player, who currently works as a television analyst for TNT during the NBA’s season (it’s the offseason right now), shared what he thinks about Wentz. From where it went wrong, to how it can go right in his first season with the Washington Commanders.

‘Chuck’ thinks its judgment day for Carson Wentz

Charles Barkley chimes in on Carson Wentz, says the QB must look within to improve
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Charles Barkley, who spent eight seasons playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, is admittedly a Philadelphia Eagles fan. This means he’s quite familiar with Carson Wentz and his ups and downs.

He recently hopped on the ‘Washington Football Talk‘ podcast to talk about Wentz and what he saw during his time with the Eagles.

“Four years ago, he was the greatest thing to happen in Philadelphia. It’s been a serious fall from grace. I haven’t seen this much of a fall from grace in a long time. I root for the Eagles, and I’m like, ‘Man, we’ve got our quarterback for the next 15 years.’ And then I have zero idea what happened in Philly, and then one year with the Colts and then you guys took him, so it’s really been a strange situation,” says Barkley.

We don’t know what happened either. As he alluded to, it’s been a unique tale for a player who was once seen as a viable MVP candidate. But like Barkley tells it, there has to be something Wentz can do, or change, to get back to who he was, who we’ve all seen him be.

“As a player, you always think you’re doing the right thing, because we all have egos; that’s how you get to the pros. But for him, this is truly his judgment day where he’s got to say, ‘What am I doing wrong?’ Because when you’re on three teams in three years, you have to be doing something wrong as a player.”

Charles Barkley on Carson Wentz

Barkley’s not wrong. This may be the final opportunity for Wentz to enter a season as the unquestioned starter. He has the job now, but it’s up to him to keep it. He can’t keep burning bridges around the league. Eventually, something has to give.

But as noted, Wentz has shown glimpses of elite play before. Who’s to say he can’t do it again, now that he’s in Washington looking to enact revenge over the Eagles?

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