Brooklyn Nets star has hilariously ‘petty’ hot take about ‘insecure’ former teammate Kyle Kuzma

It seems the Brooklyn Nets star Spencer Dinwiddie isn’t a big fan of former Washington Wizards teammate Kyle Kuzma, and had a very spicy hot take when responding to a tweet from the impending free agent.

The Brooklyn Nets and Washington Wizards are heading in very different directions with the 2022-2023 NBA season in the books. The Nets are bound for a first-round playoff matchup with the Philadelphia 76ers. The Wizards were eliminated from the race weeks ago and have many questions to answer in the offseason following another losing campaign.

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However, two stars from the teams had a recent dustup on Twitter, as the Brooklyn Nets player claimed Washington isn’t trying to play winning basketball. Kuzma responded by saying the Nets don’t play winning ball in general.

During an appearance Wednesday on Fan Duel TV, Dinwiddie was asked about that exchange and revealed he was told by his manager not to continue the back-and-forth. However, this did not stop him from being “petty” and taking the gloves off during the chat yesterday.

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It seems the issues between the two date actually back to some strong comments Dinwiddie made after a loss to Washington when he was a member of the Dallas Mavericks earlier this year.

Brooklyn Nets record (’22-’23): 45-37, sixth place in Eastern Conference

Since then the pair of former teammates haven’t been on great terms. But it seems like Dinwiddie isn’t a big fan of the player Kuzman is in general by claiming his priorities vary and he doesn’t pour all of himself into the game. Yet he went further by using a quote once used by Warriors star Draymond Green to explain Kuzma’s character.

“Insecurity is loud. You know you’re [in Washington] shooting shots to try to get a contract. You’re probably not even a third star really on a good team. Because if you were, the Lakers would have kept you. Part of the reason you left was to try and make more money. All of these things are facts … I played with the guy. We know what the priorities were.

“… I’m very secure with who I am and my career. I know on a really good team I can be a No. 2 [option]. Like we are with the Brooklyn Nets. We got Mikal, we got me, and we’re still a playoff team. But in D.C. if you’ve got three max dudes, [Kristaps Porzingis, Bradley Beal, and Kyle Kuzma], how do you miss the playoffs? None of these things make sense unless your priorities aren’t in order.”

– Bradley Beal

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The man in his second tenure with the Brooklyn Nets played with Kuzma for 44 games last season and sure seemed to learn everything he needs to know about the player the Los Angeles Lakers took with the 27th pick in the 2017 NBA Draft.

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